Wedding Bells

Planning a wedding is a lot of work. I’ll be sharing ways I’ve saved money, ideas I’ve picked up from friends, and the general splendid chaos that comes with celebrating a marriage.

5/2015- We did it! But the wedding journey isn’t over. Get ready for some “Thank You” chaos to ensue and don’t forget the ever-dreaded name change.

3/1/2015- I’m pretty sure I now have carpal tunnel from addressing these envelopes. Take a few tips from me and buy the wine in advance.

2/2015- The invitations have arrived and they’re beautiful and perfect. Keep an eye out for a picture!

1/2015- Time for my first fitting. Boy am I regretting those Christmas cookies….

10/10/14– Save the dates have been sent! And wasn’t that an adventure? Learn from my mistakes and check out all the chaos that ensued here.

People often go on and on about the “Bridezilla” (I’ve even indulged in the show), but you know what? There are just some things you shouldn’t say to a bride.

Want to see some of our wedding creations? Check out Our Wedding on Pinterest and my Keeping Stride board!


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