The Night Before Puppy’s First Christmas

It’s Maverick’s first Christmas and he is so excited he’s tuckered himself out (momentarily).


Okay, in all honesty I’m far more excited about it being Maverick’s first Christmas than he is. Or than my fiance is. Matt thinks I’m crazy and refuses to create stockings for our furry children, but I digress. Maverick has no idea what’s going on. He knows I’m singing a lot and that means he gets to dance around a lot, which is alright with him. Before the holiday has even begun, he has already caused quite a bit of trouble and almost gotten himself moved onto Santa Paws naughty list quite a few times.

  • On the first day of Christmas my puppy gave to meeeeeee a twisted ankle– YIPPEE!! But actually, having your dog freak out over a neighbor’s outdoor cat on his morning walk is not the way you want to begin your Christmas Eve.


    ^Maverick’s Role Model^

  • Your roast beast is not safe. Put it higher.Nope, still not high enough.
  •  Early Christmas celebrations with friends will never be the same. They were lucky enough to try out our shower after our dog peed all over them. #Winning #BestGift
  • Christmas carols don’t sound quite the same when you replace 90% of the notes with various howls/yips/barks.
  • We have a little tree that we put out with family ornaments and lights that pretty much work. If you’d like to see it, there’s a lovely view from inside of our hall closet.


Despite all of the mayhem, Maverick has been a wonderful addition to our little family. I couldn’t imagine coming home without him poking his nose out the door or sprawling out on the floor next to Missy-cat. It’s certainly an adventure every day but not one that I would give up for the world. And it’s Christmas, so who knows what could happen. Maybe Missy-cat will decide she doesn’t mind her brother licking her face. Or maybe she’ll beat him into submission. My bets are 20/80.


Disclaimer: My cat does not actually beat my dog. They have a healthy (albeit unusual) relationship. I would not allow either of my animals to endanger the other and spent months training and acclimating them to sharing a home. 


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