That Time I Got Married

Reader, I married him.

(When in awe, why not go with a little Charlotte Bronte?)

Three and a half years after our first date.

Two years after our first apartment.

One year after graduation.

Thanks, baby sister, for capturing this ;)

Thanks, baby sister, for capturing this 😉

We made it! We survived the craziness of driving 3 hours with our loony dog talking away in the back, last minute table decorating, and (the crowning achievement of the evening) nobody forgot their pants. Somehow I even managed to keep my anxiety in check and was able to enjoy the food and drink (yay wine!).

A lot of credit goes to our wonderful photographer, Danielle Vennard, who honestly made my day as stress 11182143_10153733597864239_2616020139747808658_nfree as possible by keeping things moving and having fun with our photos. I knew that the special moments were going to be preserved. I mean, look at this picture of my best friend and I.


That’s like our whole 13 years of friendship wrapped into one gorgeous black and white frame.

My family (the new and the original!) and friends who traveled from near and far truly made our day. There’s just something special about having everyone gathered in one place and it wouldn’t have been the same without them.

Now that it’s over, however, I am looking forward to getting back to my blog. I still have a mound of “Thank You” cards to complete, but I’m hoping to sneak away and throw out a few posts. So keep an eye out because I’m back!


One thought on “That Time I Got Married

  1. Congrats again Sammy to you and Matt! It was a pleasure to document and preserve your memories! What a great image your sister captured too!
    Side note…already been a bride here so I know the stress and anxiety all too well. I guess that comes in handy hanging out with new brides all day 😉
    I really hope you had the best time of your life and that you can forever look back at your images and relive it over again!
    All the best,


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