Who Done It?

I am a huge mystery lover and have recently indulged in picking up one of the most renown mystery authors, Agatha Christie.

agatha_christie_80This woman was an incredible badass. Excuse the language, but it is literally the best adjective I have in my vocabulary to describe the genius that created Hercule Poirot, Jane Marple, and the husband and wife sleuthing team, Tommy and Tuppence. Christie takes the art of a Who Done It novel and crafts an elegant piece of writing filled with wit and charm. Despite being introduced very quickly to a plethora of characters, I feel as though I know them all!

I began my journey with The Murder at the Vicarage, which is the first in the Miss. Marple series. In an interesting twist, the novel is written from the first-person perspective of the vicar- a mystery that does not follow the actions or point-of-view of the detective! Despite being considered an older mystery novel, I didn’t find the writing style difficult to follow. Passages and language flowed and though the phrases were a bit outdated I was perfectly able to take a gander at their meaning or look them up. With the stress of planning a wedding (7 Weeks!) and the host of spontaneous fires going on in my life I found myself escaping into this novel frequently. It was an absolutely fascinating experience, and one that I plan on repeating over and over again. I can not wait to pick up the next Miss. Marple.


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