Completely Honored and Flabbergasted

liebster2 Somehow, little ole me was nominated for the Liebster Award. Well, I know how. The wonderful author of SublunarReflections was kind enough to nominate me. What is the Liebster Award you ask? It’s a way of recognizing up and coming bloggers with under 200 followers and opens a door for bloggers to connect and interact with each other. The nominee crafts his or her own series of questions and nominates a few of their own favorite blogs (as long as they’re under 200 followers). I think it’s pretty cool. Sublunar has kindly provided her 11 questions for me to answer, so here we go!

  1. If you could have one superpower what would it be and why?
    • I would want the power to heal. Not that I’d be able to necessarily make miracles happen, but I hate seeing others in pain, so if I could alleviate some suffering then my days would be far brighter.
  2. Which fictional universe would you most want to live in?
    • Can I please have my Hogwarts letter now? I’ve been jokingly calling my long-awaited graduate school letter my Hogwarts letter, but if you can somehow get an owl to deliver it I think I could handle the possible-rejection much better.
  3. What “beloved” book or movie do you honestly dislike with a passion?
    • I can’t stand Watership Down. I call it The Dumb Rabbit Book. As an English major I should probably be shot but I don’t care. All of those bunnies can go jump in a hole and never come out.
  4. Tell us about the best book you’ve ever read.
    • I’m going to have to quote Danielle from  Ever After, “I could no sooner choose a favorite star in the heavens,” but I guess I have to. I’m going to say that it’s Pride & Prejudice, which sounds cliche but I can remember the first time I read it. I had the flu/pneumonia and felt like I was going to freeze and burn to death simultaneously while possibly hacking up a lung. And Lizzie made me laugh. It was really that simple. A school book, smuggled by the neighbor boy so I wouldn’t fall behind in class, changed my entire illness. I still return to it, although I’d love to get a better edition, time and time again.
  5. Is there a specific moment in your life that you wish you could take back?
    • There are a few. Most have to do with my temper. Or my mother. Okay, usually it’s both. We’re kinda like a lighter and a firework. It sounds like so much fun but if it’s all together in a small space things can blow up. I strive to be better.
  6. What have you always wished for, but know is physically impossible?
    • I wish I was taller. It’s seriously annoying that I can’t reach normal kitchen cabinets. I don’t want to re-model whatever house I move into, but, alas, it is what it is!
  7. What or whom are you most proud of?
    • I am probably most proud of my furry children. When my cat and dog made their first steps toward getting along after days and weeks and months of training, I could not have been prouder.
  8. What’s your “pick me up” song, the one that always makes you smile and dance around like a crazy person?
    • Usually it’s country of some kind. Lately it’s been Miranda Lambert’s “Mama’s Broken Heart” but I love some 90s Faith Hill or Carrie Underwood.
  9. Tell us something “weird” about yourself, something that couldn’t be guessed by looking at you.
    • I take out all the filler in Nutter Butters and eat it as a strand.
  10. How do you defy the odds?
    • I am the first person in my family to attend college.
  11. If you could have a conversation with one VIP (someone to whom you’ve given that title) who would it be?
    • Oh, this is hard! How do I choose? I guess my VIP would have to be…

Now for the fun part! Nominations! I’d like to note that most of the blogs I follow don’t list how many followers they have, so I’m going completely off of quality here.

I nominate Finding My Miracle, The Magical World of…, and heylookafellowwriter for the Liebster Award. And now, my questions:

  1. What inspires you to blog?
  2. How and why did you choose the name of your blog?
  3. If you were a candy, which candy would you be?
  4. What moment in your life would you go back to and why?
  5. You can only have 3 foods for the next month. What are they?
  6. What is your personal kryptonite?
  7. Tell us a little about your aspirations. It can be for your blog or something in your personal life.
  8. Do you have a feel good movie that brightens your day?
  9. If you could walk up to any fiction character and ask them a question, who would it be and what would you ask?
  10. Name a book you can’t stand and never want to read again. What fuels your disdain?

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