An Inviting Evening

After going through the process of ordering invitations, which is a conundrum in and of itself, I wish someone would have briefed me on the hell that is invitation assembly. Let’s start at the beginning, shall we?

1. Receive invitations in the mail- ooh and ahh with fiance over the color of paper and fancy shmancy script. Take picture and immediately send to Pinterest/Best Friend/Parents.

2. Plot how to divide the arduous task of labeling and stuffing 100+ envelopes.

3. Brilliantly decide to print all the labels on the envelopes.

4. Buy new printer (4.5 star rating!) after previous disaster with Save-the-Dates.

5. Spend an hour looking at different shades of gold ink before picking a fancy-but-readable font. Do 1 test envelope. It looks perfect. Save the template.

6. Prepare to buckle down and print en masse. Envelopes are assembled along with the guest list spreadsheet.

7. Print first envelope. It looks horrible.

8. Adjust margins and print second envelope. Printer jams.

9. Dig stupid envelope out of new printer, close the document, and re-open the document. Third time is the charm.

10. Find out that the third time is not charming and four, five, six, and seven don’t look much better. Fiance proceeds to destroy an envelope out of sheer frustration.

11. Sigh and start testing pens while avoiding fiance’s wrath. Think it might run out of ink.

12. Send fiance to store for wine and pens.

13. Bunker down and get writing.

14. Drink wine and keep writing.28eef70ca28777215acdc1f27c1dd150

15. Seriously, keep the wine coming. Drink with the left and shake out the right.

16. A couple hours later you are tipsy and done! HUZZAH!


17. Go buy postage.


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