3 Days On Twitter


I’m Tweeting!

I’ve learned a lot of new things about myself after being on twitter for 3 days. For instance, I’m not as witty as I think I am, and, holy cow, my sentences are sometimes longer than Jane Austen’s. Luckily, my kind friend Leah (bloggess divine for The Magical World of) is normally there to remind me, “You ain’t Jane.” Thank her, dear readers. She’s the reason I can stay under 140 characters.

But back to Twitter. How do people tweet 20,000,000 times a day? I don’t think I’ll have that many clever things to say in my lifetime. My “Bazingas” must be used only at the most opportune of times when they will be truly appreciated for the nuggets of brilliance that they are. Like Sheldon.


I’m also not quite sure about the whole deluge of notifications that are now blowing up my devices. I mean, I follow some pretty funny people, like @AbbyHasIssues and @KateWhineHall, and I enjoy their tweets/retweets/ etc. But I really don’t need to know when GoGargle has a new salt water rinse for me to try. And no, I’m not kidding you. Go. Gargle. I don’t even follow you! Are you trying to tell me something? Do I appear to be a stinky-breath person? Stop insulting me!

I’m new to the whole tweeting game, but I think you should follow me anyways. Think of how much better you’ll feel about your tweets! So check me out @KeepStride.


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