In Spite of the Day


Throw what you know!

So lately, I’ll admit it, I’ve been feeling a little empty inside. Yes, I’m happy and busy working, applying to go back to school, planning a wedding, and keeping my animals from destroying our home. But it still feels like there’s something missing. I feel like everything I’m doing is just for me, and maybe my fiance, but the point is that everything is circling around my universe. It’s strange. In college I connected with so many organizations where I could volunteer through Phi Sig, my sorority.

Most of my volunteer work was with Camp Kesem (shout out to CK GW!!), which is an AWESOME camp for kids whose parents have cancer. If you’ve never checked it out, you should. Students raise all of the funds to send these kids to camp and then staff and run the entire program. I was a counselor and let me tell you, I met some of the most amazing little human beings.


And just like that, when I start spewing facts and stories and just getting excited, I know what’s missing. What am I saying here? I need to get out there and find a place that wants me, aiding an organization I believe in. I’ve applied to be a volunteer at a local shelter (shout out to Operation Paws for Homes!) and am so excited to get started this week. I actually discovered them along with a bunch of other fantastic organizations on Great NonProfits. You can check out what’s in your area and get involved. I was personally torn between a program for veterans and an animal rescue. The veterans organization I found was really incredible and focused around therapeutic fishing, which (if you’re interested) you can check out here. However, Since I know absolutely zero about fishing, I thought I’d probably be a source of frustration rather than any sort of aid. I think I’ll have to stick with donating to Wounded Warriors and helping the FRG whenever possible.

What sparks your interest?


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