#Strugglebussing – December 2014

I thought we’d try something fun and a little new. I am, naturally, a rather ungraceful person. I’m also not that great in the kitchen. And sometimes I don’t have a filter. I’d like to combine all of those things together and share with you some of our little family’s December’s struggles.




The pot says “safe in oven,” but please note the lid does not apply.





I’m watching my cat chase the electric cord belonging to Santa Clause and wondering if we’re about to have a Griswold moment…


My fiance bought me a whole stack of books that were on on wish list. My dad overheard me talking about my new gems and said, “Smart Man,” and I think I should probably take offense.








And this is me being lazy and then disgusted. Because it’s going to smell and I’m going to need to scrub it. But there was no way 2 people could eat that amount of turkey. (Sorry, Mom!)


One thought on “#Strugglebussing – December 2014

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