How do they do it?!?

Many of my friends have the gift of creation. With their own two hands they knit mittens, play numerous instruments, and make things off pinterest that actually look like the pictures. I, sadly, do not have their talents. However, my fiancé and I are on a budget and so we took on creating and mailing the ever-important save-the-dates by ourselves.

Our wonderful photographer (shout out to Danielle whose fabulous work can be seen here), helped us out immensely taking engagement photos that could then be used to create save-the-dates. After a few hours on Shutterfly, hubby and I found a design we could both agree on and sent out our order. We were flying high! Ahead of schedule! That was about….3 months ago? So we went from fully prepared to oh-shit-we-needed-these-to-go-out-yesterday.

I should start by saying that my fiancé’s handwriting is close to illegible. He’s a lefty and it’s not his fault that juicy, fresh ink smears across the back of his hand. The world is rather cruel to its left-handers. So to save me from the rather onerous task of personally addressing somewhere around 100+ envelopes we decided to buy address labels and return labels. And that only happened about a week ago. Whoops! In the meantime we had managed to collect addresses from his side, my side, and our friends who frequently migrate (stop that!). At the end of the day, we had at least collected the addresses (most of them), bought the labels, and purchased stamps (with interest- convenience fees on a Saturday) so there would be no need to return to the store…except after printing the return labels, half in gold and half in silver (Note: Check your printer settings before hitting print), the colored ink ran out (Note 2: Check if you have ink before you go to the store).


Engagement Session ❤

So we go and buy all this expensive colored ink (thanks HP), install a cartridge, accidentally print a test sheet on address labels, and are finally ready to go. Except gold keeps printing out in blue/green/grey. None of which are gold. And the settings are fine. A-ha! A scratch on the ink cartridge, but we bought TWO! Too bad the second cartridge also didn’t work. And then we printed a test sheet on purpose and saw, to our horror, the cranky old printer had died and could no longer read yellow.

So here is a word of advice from a very tired bride with save-the-date envelopes that don’t match. For the love of Disney, don’t print last. I’m not saying don’t procrastinate because, honestly, that isn’t going to happen for me. It would be hypocritical. All I’m saying is give yourself enough time to be able to buy a printer. Or hire a cartographer. Or pay to get the envelopes printed. Any one of those would work.

Onward to the next bridal adventure!

Have some fun bridal stories? Share!

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7 thoughts on “Save-the-Disasters

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  6. You are sweet for giving me a shout out in there! I am so sorry you had all that trouble! I totally had to go buy a new printer before my own wedding. The save the dates went smoothly and so I thought I was super wife to be and could do my own invitations. I was insane …it was cool for the first 10 then it was a bit much for me to handle with ink running out and having to return to the art store for all the card stock I burned through. Any chance you can save a save-the-date and invitation for me? love collecting my clients announcements!


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