Get Your Working Butt in Gear!

You know what isn’t great for your body? Sitting in a chair for 8 hours a day 5 days a week, and yet many of us do it. And somehow, despite the fact that I am sitting down for most of the day, I am still exhausted when I get home. I’m far more likely to reach for a book or the remote than decide to go for a walk or (miracle of miracles) a run! But that’s in the past starting today!

I’m in my early twenties and therefore still fairly fortunate in regards to my metabolism but it’s never been an easy balance between diet and weight. Often times the pounds would win over the power of youth. However, my fiancé and I have taken a vow to get healthy. (He has declared that he wants to have a six pack by our honeymoon. I’ve declared that I’ll be right beside him…in a t-shirt.)  But in all honesty, it’s less about our weight and more about creating a permanent lifestyle change. If we work on it now, my hope is that we’ll be able to set a great example for any little ones that may come around in the future

So what’s our plan of action?

3 Days Cardio, 3 Days Alternative Activity, 1 Day of Rest. Ironically we’ve labeled Sunday as our day of rest or “cheat day” where we can order Chinese, lounge around, and I can read on our patio without the guilt of being stationary. For our cardio, we’re just good ole fashion running on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays (for a longer run!). I’ll be the first to admit I am not exact Speedy Gonzales. Nor do I enjoy the feeling of my lungs on fire, but it’s good for me so I’m going to do it.


When it comes to alternative activities I’m looking at pilates and pinterest. Mind you, I’m going to have to be careful not to get distracted while on there, but that’s something I’ll work on and why my fiancé and I are doing this together. Because he’ll get distracted by something on Yahoo, I’ll get distracted by pinterest, and then we’ll both guilt each other into getting up and doing the activities we’re meant to be doing. It’s great for couple bonding!

What kind of activities do you squeeze in? How do you find time in your busy schedule?


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