Book Nook Review: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn



The first book on my 2014 bookshelf is Gone Girl , which has been everywhere– HuffPost, Good Reads, every other Pinterest summer book list. You name it and I’ve seen Flynn’s latest book on it, so I was curious about it. I love a good thriller and this novel promised to have me on the edge of my seat. When my friend bought it for me as a gift I immediately dived right in and I can honestly say Flynn definitely messed with my mind. Her first person narratives take the reader through a marriage so twisted it was easily on the same 43448level as V.C. Andrews’ Flowers in the Attic. Unlike many other thrillers, my attention wasn’t captured on the first page. Rather, it was a slow seduction and then suddenly I was on page 150 and really needed to know what the next section would bring. The pull through the story is crafted through the first person narratives, while I wanted to read both, my mind was always excited to go back to the previous person to continue the story from their perspective. I want to chat about the ending but don’t want to ruin the book for anyone who hasn’t read it so please continue down to Spoilers if you have!

Overall Review: It’s a solid read if you enjoy a mental thriller!


So, the ending, where Nick and Amy just continue their sick twisted mind games. If this book doesn’t make you a little paranoid about your marriage vows I don’t know what else will. What did you think? It’s certainly contentious, Nick is emotionally abused due to Amy’s constant need to secure assurance whether that be through vomit containing the poison she fed herself or using sperm that had been secretly stored for years. And yet, Nick is staying. For the child. But what will the results of that parenting combo be? And poor Go! What’s a sister to do? Christmas might be a little more awkward in the future. Did you like the ending? Loathe it? Were you satisfied? I’m still mulling it over in my brain. The one word that stand out: Wow.


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